Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Europe is swept by 1940s fever and the drinks lead the way

The times they are a changing. Or so the song goes. But over in Europe they are dancing to our Big Band music and drinking our 1940s cocktails.

While many of the popular drinks during that time had a previous history, many found renewed acclaim during the hard times of the war era. Good quality liquor was not easy to find -- nor was it affordable. Thus, the drinking scene turned to mixed cocktails. Rum, however, was easily obtained.

Take a look at this list and see what sounds familiar. Sloe Gin Fizz, Manhattan, Martini, Sherry Flip (made with a raw egg and cream sherry – uh oh!), and Daiquiri. Here is where the story get interesting. A cousin of the Daiquiri, the Hurricane found its place in the annals of drinkology during this era. It all happened in New Orleans. A tavern owner, Pat O’Brien, tired of the cheap rums he had bought and anxious to be done with them, created a sensation with this new concoction of rum and passion fruit syrup. He placed the drink in a hurricane lamp shaped glass and sold it to the soldiers. Little did he know that it would be synonymous with New Orleans 70 plus years later.

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